“An encounter with evil practice of Untouchability”

It was year 1915.

The place was Sabarmathi Ashram near Ahmadabad.

One day Dudabhai, Daniben and their daughter Laxmi made an entry into Ashram along with Gandhiji. Yes they had “bhai” &”ben /behen” and Goddess “Laxmi”in their names. But the orthodox Hindus refused to accept them.Intimidation started. Food and monetary supply to Ashram was stopped. Ashram became bankrupt and was on the verge of closure.

But Gandhiji was adamant, stood by what he believed and refused to give in . His firm faith .in the. .universality of brotherhood. ..and equality of all against the heinous practice of Untouchability appealed to the conscience of other Ashram inmates and villagers. The first battle against Untouchability was won not because of any laws…but with an appeal to heart .