Prithvi -Earth,  Aakash -Sky,  Agni-Fire, Vaayu-Air, Jal -Water

Prithvi takes the form of Goddess Bhudevi, while the other 4 Elements of Nature are deitified as Aakash Raju, Agni Dev, Vayu Dev and Varun Dev.We find no where in India or any where in the world Temple for Pancha Bhuths. The very existence and survival of all creatures incl human beings on this planet depend on these 5 Elements of Nature. Only when the Pancha Bhuths shower their blessings either on peasants or the agrl labour or the humanity at large, they can survive and prosper.

For the first time since Buddha , MOTHER EARTH knew – a stirring ( Gandhi s humanity ) that spread to her remotest places , a breath and voice felt and heard everywhere.. -Edward Thompson.

So, let’s all pray and do puja with devotion at the main Temple of Mahatma Gandhi, the Lord of Entire Nature and worship the Deities of Pancha Bhuths.


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