Vigraha… Garbha Gudi… Bali Pitha… Dwaja Sthambh…

The Temple is seen as a link between God and man.

The Temple is the outpouring of the Deity residing in Brahmasthana at the centre.

The serenity of Garbha griha radiates that energy.

When garbha griha represents heart, Vigraha represents Antaryami and both put together represent DIVINITY in Heart.

As an act of devotion it is customary to circumambulate around Garbha Griha.

Mandip is outside Garbha Griha, which is used for ceremonial purposes.

Bali Pitha is the pedestal for sacrificial offerings.

Generally rice mixed with vermillion powder is kept here.

Foot prints of the Deity are Fixed here.

Beyond the Bali Pitha, is the Dwaja Sthambh It represents the Flag Post of the Deity. The lanchana (insignia) made of brass / copper is fixed like a flag at the top of the post.

The whole Temple is surrounded by wall called Prakara.

“ Those who expended millions on such divine cathedrals could not but have the love of God in their hearts. “

” There is only one God, but there are many paths to him.”