1. SURYA : The Sun God ..represents the Soul.

2. CHANDRA : The Moon God also called Soma… is considered as God of Fertility.

3. KUJA : The Manglic is considered as God of War. People worship him for solution to troubles rel to Mangalya..Marriage.

4. BUDH : Also called Mercury God ..is the Protector of Merchants.

5. GURU : Brihaspathy..also called Jupiter. .is the God of Wisdom.

6. SHUKRA : The Venus is the God of wealth, pleasure and reproduction.

7. SHANI : The Saturn.

8. RAHU : Rahu kala is considered inauspicious.

9. KETHU : It represents super natural influences.,
As per Indian tradition and culture, Grahas bestow karmic influence on the behaviour of living beings. Each Graha carries a specific energy quality. To mitigate the negative effects caused by a planet or to enjoy the positive notes from any planet we worship them. Repeated enchanting of mantras and the resultant frequency establishes a contact with the cosmic energy;and our body and mind get benefitted from the same .

Here’s the golden opportunity to all devotees to pray and do puja with devotion to the main Deity… “MAHATMA GANDHI the LORD OF THE UNIVERSE” and the other deities of “Nava Grahas” and seek their blessings.