In childhood Gandhi was scared of GHOSTS, THIEVES and SNAKES.

Gandhi’s view about BHAGWAD GITA “ It opened to me a new view of life.”

Gandhiji about England :

“ That God forsaken Continent where I found my God. “

The Whites in South Africa Contemptuously called – Indians as “ Coolies or Samis “ and Gandhiji as “ Coolie barrister “.

Gandhiji always had while in South Africa & England “ a necklace of TULASI beads which his mother gifted him.

Gandhi’s first biographer was “ DOKE “.

R.N.Tagore about Gandhi – “ The Great Soul in beggar’s grab “

opala Krishna Gokhale was Gandhiji’s political Guru.

Gandhi Day is celebrated by inmates of SHANTI NIKETAN every year in March ( The day Gandhiji visited Shanti Niketan ) and on that day cooks and other menial staff are given holiday and all the work is done by students and teachers.

“ The story of my experiments with Truth “ was first serially published in GUJARATHI and was later translated into English by MAHADEV DESAI.

DATES & MILK were Gandhiji food items in 1930s.

“ Gandhiji has a spiritual awareness which humanity must develop if the world is ever to be raised out of the hell of it own making. “

Clare Sheridan – sculptor & niece of Churchill.

On 12 March 1930 Gandhi left Sabarmati Ashram, to begin salt/ Dandi March, and vowed to come back to Ashram only after India got freedom.

“ We do not seek our independence out of Britains ruin “ – Gandhiji.

“ Our quarrel is not with the the British People, We fight their imperialism. “ – Gandhiji

Dada Abdullah & Co … hired Gandhiji’s services as advocate in South Africa.

Pietermes ritz….. burg was the place where Gandhiji was thrown out of 1st class Compartment.

“ Coolie Barrister “ was Gandhiji nickname in South Africa.

S.S. Assam… was the ship Gandhiji boarded at Southampton to come back to India.. after studies from England.

S.S.Clyde.. was the ship Gandhiji boarded for setting sail to Southampton.

Hermann kallenbach : the German architect who gave 1100 acres of land near Johannesburg, wherein stands TOLSTOY ASHRAM.

Rama Sundar : 1st British Indian in South Africa to be arrested in 1897 in Gandhiji’s Satyagraha campaign against Compulsory regd of Indians.

The Indian Opinion : 1st newspaper started by Gandhiji in South Africa on 4/06/1904.

Green Pamphlet: Highlights inhuman treatment meted out to Indians in South Africa.

The Asiatic Regd. Amendment Ordinance (TARA) of 1906 of SouthAfrica was also known as .. Black ACT on BLACK ORDINANCE.

Miss Dick a Scottish and miss SONJA SCHLESIN, a Russian Jew were the secretaries of Gandhiji in South Africa.

Mrs. R.C. ALEXANDER was the police Supdt’s wife in South Africa who roared gandhiji from unruly European mob.

Gandhiji maiden Public Speech was an ‘ VEGETARIANISM ‘, in England as a student.

Kasturba was the 2nd child to her parents and had one elder and one younger brother.

2 plays that gandhiji liked in Childhodd –

RAMBHA was the aaya that nursed Gandhi in Childhood.

Gandhiji’s home in Porbandar was called ‘ KIRTI MANDIR ‘.

Gandhiji’s native Place PORBANDAR was also known as ‘ WHITE CITY ‘.