Stage     : India partitioned.
Scene    :
Communal carnage.

On the eve of independence, India was suffering with communal enmity. Gandhi was the only man who walked barefoot through the ravaged villages. In one village of Bihar a communalist came to Gandhi, put his arms round his throat and began choking the life out of him. There was not a word of protest from Gandhi; no hostility in his eyes. The cruelty in the Assailant yielded to the divinity in the Mahatma. There was change in his heart and broke down before the great soul.

Perfect love casts out fear (Bible) and hatred ceases by love (Buddha) and Gandhi demonstrated the same in practice.


Stage     : Sevagram Ashram.
Scene    : Prayer meeting.

One evening at the time of prayer, a Cobra crawled quietly to the venue of the prayer. Everybody was terrified at the site of the deadly venomous creature. While Gandhi was sitting quietly, it crawled up on to his body. There was no trace of fear either in Gandhi or in the poisonous creature. Neither it harmed Gandhi or others had inflicted injury to the snake.

Place      : Johannesburg,South Africa,
Occasion : Public Meeting

After a public meeting A man was standing in the shadow of porch with a knife, with an intention of attacking Bapu.Bapu quietly walked to him, put arms round him ,spoke to him in a soft voice and walked along with him.That man handed over the Bapu and walked away.That is the DIVINITY in BAPUJI that caused change of heart in that person.This event signals the future which unfolded into change of heart of the British rulers ultimately.