Omni present God is there in every heart. That is why Gandhi says “ if you cannot find God in your fellow being, your PRAYER is of no use ”.

God in physical form is deitified in a Temple/ Mandir. As the harbinger of the events that are going to unfold in future times …. Gandhiji’s birth took place in the house called …. “ KEERTHI MANDIR ”, in POROBANDAR, the WHITE CITY.

One more event of worth noting in Gandhiji’s childhood was – One day while playing ‘ hide and seek ’ , he could not find any place to hide. So, he entered the POOJA ROOM, displaced one idol of the DEITY and sat in the place. Everybody there was amazed at this act of Gandhi. Rambha, the aaya was mused at this incidence, took Gandhi into her arms by calling him “ Little KRISHNA ”.

These two events in a way, heralded the birth/ rise of a [‘ SPRITUAL PERSON ’ that shaped the future of millions.