In 1896, in the month of August, Gandhiji brought out “ Green Paphlet ” outlining the inhuman treatment meted out to Indians in South Africa.

— “ The man in the street hates him, curses him, spits upon him, and often pushes him off the foot – path. The Press cannot find a sufficiently strong word in the best English dictionary to damn him with. Here are a few samples. “ The real canker that is eating into the very vitals of the community”, “ these parasites ”, “ wily ” wretched semi – barbarous Asiatics ”, “ A thing black and lean and a long way from clean, which they call the accused Hindoo ”, “ He is chock – full of vice and he lives upon rice. I heartily cuss the Hindoo ”, “ Squalid coolies with truthless tongues and artful ways ” —

“ We want the coolies, but they shall remain SLAVES here and go back to India as soon, as they are free. “
Gandhiji successfully tried to Conquer this HATRED by LOVE.