“….a devout Hindu, who yet sought spiritual communion both with Christianity and with Islam”
– L. S. Amery.

“Living a life of extreme asceticism, he was revered as a divinely inspired saint by millions of his fellow countrymen”
– Clement Attlee.

“Today we mourn the death of Gandhi, the strongest combination of mystic, saint and practical politician the world has ever known…

To live for a faith is noble. To die for it may be to make the faith immortal”
– W. J. Brown.

“The hand that killed the Mahatma is the same hand that nailed the cross”
– News Chronicle

“Had a few of us who honour him today shade the cross he bore, perhaps he need not have died. Yea O God he hath borne our sorrows and by his pangs have we been healed. … yet we know O God that Gandhiji is not dead. His spirit singeth still within our souls, and dwelth on high with Thee in glorious brightness”
– Donald Harrington.

“… The Mahathma will still be known and revered as the greatest Indian since Gautama the Budda, and as the greatest man since Jesus Christ”
– John Haynes Holmes.

“Mahathma Gandhi, however, was one of those prophets who lived far ahead of time”
– Douglas Mac Arthur.

“Just as Jesus Christ suffered to save erring humanity, so has Mahathmaji suffered now”
– U. Win

“Mahathma Gandhi was the only modern saint and prophet which his country produced”
– Lin Yu Tang