“ The New Testament ” had profound influence on Gandhi. But somehow, “ The old TESTAMENT ” was not to his liking. He attended a few CHRISTIAN conventions, both as a student in England and as an advocate is South Africa, wherein he himself had to face glaring inequalities based on race and colour.
He found it difficult to believe that only those who believed in Jesus would have everlasting life or only their sins would be atoned. He also disagreed that the sins of the world had been forgiven thru Jesus’s suffering and death.

Gandhiji further added … as…

“ To be a good Hindu also meant that I would be a good Christian. “

“ I was tremendously attracted to Christianity .. but there was nothing really in your scriptures, that we had not got in ours “

“ There is only one God but there are many Paths to Him.

Gandhi’s friend Mr. A.W.Baker, tried in vain to convert him to Christianity.

Romain Ronald, the Noble laureate refers Gandhi as “ Another Christ ”.