Out Caste

Hinduism recognises only 4 Casts Chatur Varna.. Brahmana… Kshatriya… Vaisya and Sudra. Then what about the Panchama Varna or Untouchables. It’s said the SINNERS in each caste are ex communicated and are treated “Out Caste” and entire caste people are prohibited from having any contacts with them.

To Pursue Law Course in England, Gandhi wanted to go abroad. But the Modh Bania caste leadership, to which he belonged, told him in no uncertain terms that his religion didn’t permit going abroad. Gandhi violated the Diktat of the Sheth the headman of the community, by saying that Caste should not interfere in the matter.

“The boy shall be treated as an OUTCASTE from today” was the proclamation of the caste head against Gandiji. People who saw him off at the port was also subjected to fine.

The caste panchayat was so adamant that.. while Gandhiji was still in England his mother Putli Bai passed away but her funeral was curtailed because of Gandhiji’s excommunication. Several of family members and friends could not attend… because of the restrictions liad by the community leaders.

The ex communication continued till his return to India. Gandhiji had to prove that he never consumed meat or liquor.. while at abroad. Then he had dip in dif Holy rivers and gave ceremonial dinner. By accepting the food he offered, the ritual came to close.

Though Gandhiji never had loyalty to the caste or caste system, he did this for the sake of his Family, Friends and Relatives. But this incidence roused in Gandhiji, a strong desire to reform.. caste system and Hindu Society at large… which unfolded in the years to come.