Vande Devam... Vande Bapu... Vande Gandhi...
Mahatma Gandhi Temple the only one of its kind is located on Hyderabad - Vijayawada high way on the outskirts of chityal (vil) of Nalagonda (dt) of Telangana State. It is 75 kms from Hyderabad (45 kms from outer ring road) and 205 kms from Vijaya wada. While National high way is abetting on North side we have a hill on the South. Spread over 4 acres it is a place of worth visiting with devotion to offer Prayers. .to do Puja and for Meditation. It is being developed as a centre of all religions where what ever faith they belong to people can come do Puja and Purify themselves with the Divine Blessings of Mahatma Gandhi.
Temple complex consists of main temple for MAHATMA GANDHI flanked by 2 small temples, one on each side: one for Nava Grahas and the other for Pancha Buths (five elements of Nature). The main temple is of 2 floors. There is Meditation hall on ground floor where as the Sanctorum is in the 1st floor.
Here Mahatma Gandhi is seated in yogic posture. The idol is made of White Marble from Rajasthan. The architect sculptor is Sri Arjun Prajapathi who is an awardee of PADMA SRI.
It comprises of Garbha Griha and mandap in the front. In Garbha Griha Mahatma Gandhi is seated in the posture of giving DIVINE BLESSINGS to the devotees. The idol is made of black stone from kanchi.The sculptor is SILPA RATNA Durgadda Rama Krishnma Charyulu. In front of Garbha Griha is the WHEEL of DHARMA. 32 ft ht DWAJA STAMBHA stands outside the MANDAP.
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Under Construction :
The entrance arch is nearing completion. The TULASI KOTA is under construction.